Thursday, June 20, 2013

1st Thankful Thursday: Learn to say "Yes".

Welcome to my first edition of Thirteen Thankful Thursdays!

After the doctor told me that my breast cancer had rapidly spread through my body I seen my life flash before my eyes and it continued to do that for weeks after. BC (before cancer) Kate said no to her kids . . . a lot. I was always too busy; I had work, cleaning, or therapies with Stephen. I put off crafts, taking them places or just letting them do something they wanted to do mainly because I was just selfish. I was either needing to work on the computer, make telephone calls, felt like I needed an immaculate home, was tired, or just plain on didn't feel like dealing with it. It all changed the day I was told that I had Stage IV breast cancer.

AD (after diagnosis) Kate now says "yes" a lot more. This Kate doesn't spend countless hours on the computer doing work, she doesn't chat on the phone much, she doesn't worry about her house being cleaned, her laundry being done or making sure she has '5 minutes' to herself. I forget about small mundane tasks that I need to complete and try to focus more on spending those precious moments with the kids.

When Grace asked me "Mom, can we all sleep in Stephen's room tonight", I was going to say no, for no good reason other than I didn't feel like dealing with it and I thought, why? Why say no? If it is what will make them happy, then YES! So I pulled out the sleeping bags and let Grace and Lily sleep overnight in Stephen's room and watch a movie before bed. Later that night I couldn't help but think that one day, they will look back at that and think about how cool it was that they all did that.

My challenge to you this Thursday is this: Your kids will ask you something, you are going to think about it, and when you most want to say no, say yes instead. If they ask for ice cream for dinner- why not?! One day won't hurt them! If they ask to stay up an extra hour- why not?! Will one hour really screw up your night? What if they say "Mom, can we go to Disneyworld" SAY YES! Bring Disney to them, have pretend rides, dress up as princesses and your own parade, have fun with it! I could go on and on, but I better stop before I get carried away. My point is simply this, if it isn't going to injure, harm or kill them or anyone else, then seriously- why not just say yes?

Saying no less and yes more as a parent really does make you feel better, not only about yourself but your parenting skills. Your kids' faces will light up because they will expect you to say the same old "no". My Grace actually got so excited one day when I said yes to something that she cried. I could not believe the power of what a simple 'yes' can do!

Don't forget!
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  1. I already said YES to donuts for breakfast this morning! I totally agree with the little 'yes's'.

  2. Well said and much needed!

  3. can it be a say yes Friday as I didn't read this until after midnight? LOL. I do try to have this outlook though. Not as often as I should. But certain questions will be asked and I say to myself, just as you do Kate, why not? What is it going to hurt if I let her do this? I'm sure I could do this a lot more and will make an effort to really step back and evaluate my reason for saying no. And if it isn't good, then yes it is!

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