Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Thankful Thursdays

I get asked all the time "What exactly do you want people to know"? Well, I want them to know a lot of things pertaining to my story, but most importantly, I want them to know that you can withstand the ravages of any storm and still see the rainbow at the end of it. I have been and am going through hell, but I am happy. So why can't you be? What is holding you back from being happy? Thoughts of how I can truly get what I want to be my legacy across have been swirling around in the old noggin, and I came up with what I thought was a pretty nifty idea, if I don't say so myself!

Thankful Thursdays 

For the next couple Thursday's (as long as chemo hasn't been harsh), I am going to be offering up a small task that I guarantee will make you happy and in the end thankful you accomplished it. They won't be crazy, so calm down. I'm not a tyrant, so I don't expect anyone to do all of them, but if perhaps you do, then you take after me and are pretty flippin' awesome. I am going to be doing these as well to help strengthen myself, my relationships and my life.

The point of these is to make you think. It is my hope to make people appreciate their kids, spouses, family, job, and life more than they do now. Because the reality is, I am living your worst nightmare. You don't want to be me, you don't want to be dying. Hell, I don't want to be only appreciating life because I am dying. I should I have been doing this a longggg time ago so I am spreading that message. Love, cherish and be thankful for your life because if I can, why can't you?

And why Thursdays? Well, I get chemo every single Thursday, it's a day I am starting to hate and wish never came. So, why not Thursday?

Share your Thankful Thursday missions with me by hashtagging #thankfulthursday on Facebook (YES! FB has hashtags now!), Twitter or Instagram!


  1. :) Only us who have been through or are going through hell or who have helped others through hell can possibly know - you have to see the light! With every rainbow - you have to put up with rain. The really beautiful rainbows occur after torrential downpours and floods! Love you and keep up the inspiration!

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