Monday, April 28, 2014

Appointments, Tests and Scans- Oh My!

It’s been a pretty tough week over here. After Easter, I basically had an appointment or scan every single day of the week.

The week kicked off with my Neuropthamology appointment to assess my optic nerve swelling (papilledema). Chemo and the tumors in my spine have caused a buildup of spinal fluid which caused intracranial pressure and swelled my optic nerve double what it should have been. I suffered from severe migraines, loss of vision and floaters. After a couple tests were done I was happy to hear that my swelling has significantly decreased. While the optic nerve is still swollen, it has not been causing loss of vision and the migraines and floaters have almost reduced in frequency. 

Kate: 1 Cancer: 0

Next, were my scans and ultrasound. It was a pretty hectic day. Apparently someone did not schedule my tests accordingly and I ran 1-2 hours behind for every test I had.  We walked to the darkest depths of the fourth corner of the hospital. Seriously, it’s like in Timbuktu of the hospital. First was my CT scan and, not to toot my own horn, but I am pretty sure I set an all time barium drinking time of 12 minutes. My schedule was put even further behind when 2 patients needed STAT CT scans so I sat and waited for nearly 2 hours. My test went off without a hitch. I swear the dye gets hotter every time I get it. I just sing real loud in my head “THIS GIRL IS ON FIREEE!” I headed up for my MUGA scan in Diagnostic Imaging after I finished up at CT. Since I was running so far behind, they were able to squeeze in my injections but not my scan so I had to go to the top floor of the hospital in the Cardiac Unit for my scan. Easy peasy test, but, since they are not able to de-access my port back down DI I went. Needless to say, I was getting quite the workout. I walked back down for my pelvis ultrasound and just waited a little bit to go back. It is incredibly weird looking at an ultrasound screen and not seeing a little baby moving around in there.  Good thing to hear was that the cyst on my left ovary diminished and only a super small one was found on my right. And it’s just that: a cyst, no cancer. 

Kate 2 Cancer 0

I checked in with my Radiologist the next day. I am happy to reports that the side effects from radiation are finally wearing off! I have my appetite back and even feel more energized. The doc isn’t concerned considering how well I am doing now. I finished up all of my medication and have not had any further ‘incidents’. My pain has notably subsided. I can walk, I can sit, stand, lay- I feel almost 100% again! I have little bursts of a shooting pain, but it’s no longer a constant. I don’t have to check back with him for another 6 months. 

Kate 3 Cancer 0

Last I met with my Endroconologist who keeps a close eye on my thyroid. My blood levels were good and my ultrasound was perfect! No growths, no cancer! 

Kate 4 Cancer 0
Looks like I am kicking ass in this fight right now!

Now, I won’t know the results of my other scans until I meet with my oncologist this Friday. I will also have my Herceptin infusion and a shot of Xgeva for my bone mets. But . . .  I got a feeling . . . it’s all good in the hood! 

Grace through me for a loop when she became sick over this past weekend and ended up having strep throat again and an ear infection. Poor girl is so very sick so I will be taking care of her for a couple days. I am hoping I can get started back to my workouts. I am so close to my 20lb weight loss! Half way there!

Hopefully, I will be blogging over the weekend about how well my appointment went and that we will be planning surgery soon!