Thursday, August 15, 2013

8th Thankful Thursday: Ain't Nobody Got Time for That

Welcome back to my 8th edition of Thirteen Thankful Thursdays!

Before my diagnosis I lived in a virtually connected world. I was attached to my phone, computer and iPad most of the day. I was a Co-Founder, President & CEO and also a Division Coordinator at a very successful nonprofit organization. I was answering e-mails, organizing, planning, and creating about 8 hours of every day strictly volunteer. I loved what I did/do, but found that spending so much time at the computer ultimately was taking away from my family. I found myself obsessing over checking social media and emails to make sure I didn't miss anything but in reality was missing out on something far more important; my family. I realized one thing after my diagnosis, as the great Sweet Brown once said: Ain't nobody got time for that. 

The internet, Facebook, Twitter, emails, I don't have time to be glued to the screen of devices all the time. I decided shortly after that the world can wait on me, because my kids are my world. 

I urge you this week to put down your phone, iPad and computer more. If you are in the same room as your kids or partner, don't get on your devices. Go out to eat, and leave your phone in the car. Play a game with your kids instead of playing Candy Crush (that one is really for me). I'm not saying to give them up completely, I am just saying spend less time worrying about having to be on social media and the internet, or respond to every email within 2 hours. I feel a like a better spouse and mother after spending less time in a virtual reality and more in my own. Remember this, the world will keep moving and spinning, you can wait on the world; but to someone else, you are the world so give them that time back.

Don't forget!
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  1. Good advise - another thing is to schedule a time each day you turn off the devices or walk away and tune into real life. :)