Thursday, August 1, 2013

6th Thankful Thursday: Let Go

Welcome back to my 6th edition of Thirteen Thankful Thursdays!

I would have never imagined that nearly 7 years after I lost Shannon, in the midst of the struggle for my own life, that her sign, the ladybug; would make perfect sense. 

The story of Shannon & Ladybugs started when I first found out I was having a girl, my Mom bought Shannon a ladybug bank. Steve and I were always filling it up and having to empty it out. Shannon was born in January. It had been a mild winter thus far but started snowing while we were in the hospital with Shannon. It snowed the day we buried her, and it kept snowing. Two weeks after we buried her, I was getting out of the shower, and there on the counter was a ladybug. I knew it was her. I knew she was sending me a sign. I continued to see ladybugs that first year when I needed it the most. I never really knew there was any spiritual meaning behind the ladybug until about two weeks ago.

I was shopping with my friend, Steph. She wanted to buy me a ladybug bracelet and a butterfly bracelet. The ladybug one in memory of Shannon and the butterfly one in honor of her own daughter, Shelby, who survived the same birth defect Shannon died from. When we bought the bracelets, the girl handed us cards that had that had the meaning of each charm. The ladybug card read:

Legend has it that the ladybug was named for the Virgin Mary who assisted farmers once they prayed to her. Keeping fields safe from harm, the ladybug evokes the energy of harmony. A ladybug's life is short. It teaches us to release worries and to enjoy experiences to the fullest. A messenger of promise, when the ladybug appears in our lives it is telling us to "let go and let God."

Steph and I broke down. I never knew the symbology behind the ladybug until then and I couldn't believe she waited almost 7 years to show me. Shannon sent me the ladybug as a reminder that even though her life was short, like the ladybug; everything would be okay. I just needed to let go and let God work His promises and miracles. 

Consider this your ladybug sign of the day. I want you to let go of one thing that is holding you back from truly and honestly living a peaceful life. Before you know it, life could be over, so let go and live.  

Don't forget!
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  1. Kate, you never cease to amaze me! I saw a lady bug yesterday, and I now think of you and Shannon every time I see them. ~Tanya

  2. Kate!!! I needed this today, thank you! I know it is sooo insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but I have been sooo upset about my weight. I have had EVERY excuse in the book up till now "I had a stillborn, I am depressed", "I have hypothyroidism, it is too hard", "I just had my rainbow, I will lose the weight eventually". Yesterday I had a revelation....i NEED to do this for myself...i need to live life and make myself as healthy as possible for me AND my family. I prayed on it, and 3 instances yesterday random people brought up crossfit....the workout my husband has been doing for over a year, and TRYING to convince me to for just as long. I took it as a sign, and went....and LOVED it!!!! I let go of the excuses, and let God lead is to hoping it helps! :-)

  3. You didn't know that story? I thought you did! I would have told you! Letting go of the trivial and I grab hold of what means most in life. We both know, it is far too short and there is never enough time! (((HUG))) Glad you now know though! Perhaps it was time for you to know now and the way you did find out! :)