Wednesday, July 24, 2013

5th Thankful Thursday: Don't Complain

Welcome back to my 5th edition of Thirteen Thankful Thursdays!

When something bad happens in your life, whether it be the mundane or the tragic, people complain. Complaining is human nature. Some do it more than others, and some take it to the far outer limits of the universe. I, for one, was never much for complaining. It just wasn't something in my nature. You'd never know I was sick, or injured- I just didn't complain. I was never one to constantly complain when someone upset me, when life didn't go my way or when challenges faced me. I just never have seen the point of it really. 

My life took a great turning point when Shannon died. I seen life differently, my eyes widened. I kissed a precious, new life goodbye. I seen death; it changes you. During this time, I noticed something. People complain. A lot. Like, way more than they should. I'd pray that I could have the chance to complain about life's minuscule details like them. 

One thing that drives me absolutely bonkers is the insignificant complaints I see and hear daily. Some people wish they had your complaints. Seriously. Want to complain about your sore back? I'll switch you backs. Want to complain about being pregnant? I would love to have that chance again. How about complaining about how much you/your partner work. Um, do you know how many are without jobs? 

What's the sense of complaining then? The challenge this Thursday is simple and is this: I want everyone to go a whole 24 hours with absolutely, positively NO complaining. Not once. No cheating. 

I see these helpless kids, brave men and women battle cancer and go through chemo's, hair loss, surgeries, radiations, medical procedure after procedure and do you know what I see? A smile. For everything I have gone through in this journey so far, and what I will go through, I just smile. Complaining is a negative reaction to an event in your life. Negativity causes stress, and stress makes you sad and angry. And who wants to be sad and angry? Not me! So this challenge is dedicated to anyone who is battling cancer. When you want to complain the next 24 hours, think of one of us and remember that no matter how bad you have it, someone always, always, always has it worse and would gladly switch you places.

Don't forget!
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  1. 5th Thankful are on a roll! I appreciate your willingness to share your wisdom. I am taking your challenge not to complain starting...right.. now!

  2. Hi there my friend! I came across your blog and I'm just absolutely humbled by your honesty & attitude! I was diagnosed with BC in May & completely can relate to this post in particular. While recieving treatment I look around me and wonder what everyone's "story" is. I never heard anyone complain!

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